Medical Grade Ear Piercing in Office

Ear piercing is available to anyone 2 months or older who have had at least their first set of immunizations. 

•The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System is available only to physicians

•We use medical grade plastic or medical grade titanium piercing studs thus minimizing risk to nickel allergy.  Our studs are lightweight and designed for maximum air circulation to facilitate healing. The medical plastic contains NO nickel. Medical grade titanium is the safest of all metals because it binds to what little nickel is there thus preventing release into the skin/tissue. 


•Dr. Davidson will only pierce earlobes at this time. 


•The cost is $50 for the first piercing and $25 each additional piercing. This includes the procedure, piercing studs, & after care cleaning wipes.


•Numbing cream is available for $5 upon request.

Payment is due in full prior to the procedure. Dr. Davidson accepts Apple Pay, Credit Card, or Cash. 

It is recommended to keep the piercing studs in earlobes for 2 months before changing.  The ear piercings studs we use are thicker (1.3 mm) than the standard earring post (1.0 mm). The larger piercing hole makes it easier to switch to normal earrings after the healing period and reduces the risk of repeatedly re-injuring the ear-piercing site when replacing earrings.

Ear piercing.png

More options available via special order! Just email Dr. Davidson