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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

A new membership based movement in medicine geared towards enhancing the relationship between patient and physician, without the limitations placed by insurance or the impersonalization of a large corporate practice.  All medical care with Dr. Davidson, in house tests, paperwork, 24/7 access to Dr. Davidson is all included for a flat monthly fee.   *Please read membership page for details*

Is a Direct Primary Care pediatrician necessary for a healthy child?

It is not required to keep your child healthy but it will make the process easier and more enjoyable.  The goal of Little Village Pediatrics is to provide family- focused care and guidance on your child's health, well-being, nutrition, sleep, and other parenting needs in a flexible, patient-centered environment.  You get as much time as desired with Dr. Davidson, not a rushed appointment once a year. 

Little Village Pediatrics members will experience a much more personal relationship with their pediatrician.  Dr. Davidson will be a quick text, call, or email away. There will be no receptionist or nurse serving as a gatekeeper to the doctor. 

Dr. Davidson offers comprehensive and accessible care with a goal of avoiding emergency rooms or urgent visit centers for issues that could have been addressed by your pediatrician, if only your pediatrician were available.  One urgent care visit can cost a minimum of $200 out of pocket just for walking in the door.  One trip to the ER (with insurance) can cost more than a year's membership with our office.  

Are you accepting new patients to the practice?

Dr. Davidson is currently on a waitlist for the practice.  Membership is capped at a certain number of patients (around 200 total).  A patient cap is the key to providing the personalized care that Little Village Pediatrics is poised to achieve.  Fewer patients equals more attention, accessibility, and flexibility in members' medical care.  If you are interested it is highly encouraged to join the waitlist.  There is a priority for newborns, infants, and new moms. 

Do you take insurance?

Little Village Pediatrics will accept patients regardless of insurance status.  We do not process insurance for any medical care here, except vaccinations.  Medical insurance can be used for non-office laboratory testing and imaging, if these are covered benefits under the patient's particular plan.  We have very low rates for labs and X-rays though not requiring insurance. 


If/when you are choosing a personal medical insurance plan we recommend NOT choosing an HMO plan as referrals to specialists can become problematic.  HMO's require referrals to only come from "in network" providers therefore we would not be able to complete referrals.  

How do I pay the membership fee?

Little Village Pediatrics can accept cash, check, credit cards, or HSA's. To date I have had no issues with HSA accounts being used for payments. 


Can membership be cancelled?

Yes. Membership can be cancelled at anytime. There is no cancellation fee or penalty.  If you paid the full year's fee and would like to cancel, Little Village Pediatrics will refund the fee for the months being cancelled.  A re-enrollment fee will be charged for members who leave but choose to come back. Dr. Davidson cannot guarantee re-enrollment though if the practice is full. 

Do you administer vaccinations at your visit?

Yes Little Village Pediatrics will administer vaccinations in the office when possible.  It is also a requirement to receive all "school required" childhood vaccinations to be a member of this practice.  The vaccine schedule is attached here: 




What are the office hours?

Due to the unique style of our clinic, there are no "set hours" for patients and Dr. Davidson is almost always available.  She is usually in the office daily and evenings /weekends when necessary.


What if my child gets sick when we are out of town?

Little Village Pediatrics is poised to provide long distance and virtual care as needed.  Because the practice membership will be limited in size, Dr. Davidson will be able to assist with patients' medical needs remotely when possible. 

What happens when the Doctor is sick or on vacation?

Little Village Pediatrics will provide advance notice of any planned absences and notice as soon as possible of any absence due to illness or family emergencies.  During these times, Dr. Davidson may still be available via phone, text, and email.  In the unusual event that she would be completely unavailable, Little Village Pediatrics would work with members to find quality, temporary care. Typically there is covering physician in place.  

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