Girlology/Guyology Classes

Open to the Community- Quarterly classes

Class #1 (3rd-4th grade): Discussion on puberty, how the body is changing, what to expect with body changes, and anatomy.  This first class will NOT go into a discussion on HOW babies are made. 

1 Child + 1 Parent Class Price: $100 which includes:  

- 2 hour in person class with Dr. Risa Davidson 
-  Full 1 year subscription to Girlology and Guyology online content (which is really priceless).
-   On demand classes available after in person class to answer questions on every topic  
- Grade by grade guidance available in online content
- Home activity book to follow the class for continued conversations
- each additional child or parent is $25
- All parents/guardians welcome- this is NOT specific or required to be a mother and daughter combination. 


Class Date Availability
1)  November 13, 2022- Girlology

2) January/Feb 2022 Girlology- not released yet. 

3) Guyology class date not released yet

To receive email when sign up/date released for January/February GIRLOLOGY class please click link below.