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  • Little Village is excited to provide patients, and the community, with a hand picked selection of specialty items that will be available for purchase in the office. 


  • These are items that Dr. Davidson personally uses and recommends.  The goal is for clean, safe, and locally sourced merchandise to be available.  


  • "Dr.D's Favorite Things" will be available for purchase to members and non-members of the practice.  Feel free to pop in and browse around. Members will receive a percentage discount on select retail items.  



My patients and friends hear me talk about how much I LOVE Dr. Doug's products! I am amazed by these all natural products and they are made right here in Carmel, Indiana!  I no longer use any hydrocortisone on our skin for eczema and only use these products! Please come in to sample and see my favorites!  Free shipping using this link above. 

AHIMSA stainless steel products are a fan favorite in my house.  My kids refuse to eat off any other plates except their special "rainbow" plates and silverware.  There are a lot of concerns with plastics and hormone disruption in children.  It is important we are feeding our children with high quality materials that will not leach into our foods.  They come in rainbow, silver, and a fun blue as well.  The rainbow sets are available in our office for purchase.  This link provides you with special Little Village Pediatrics pricing!

I have transitioned all of my makeup and  skin care products to Beauty Counter.  The products are safe and clean which is very important to me- no hidden chemicals!  I have brought all of the Beauty Counter Sunscreen into my office for purchase and can order other products upon request (I have MANY favorite items not in office).  The sunscreen is mineral based and chemical free- no absorption into the skin and no white sheen left on the skin!


These are the most AMAZING stuffed animals and "pillows."  They are quite the national craze right now as well.  They are bright and plush, and most importantly MACHINE WASHABLE! They come out like new which is the best when it comes to kids.  My kids absolutely LOVE these and wish they could take all of them from my office! Only available in office!

A book series that helps tackle the difficult topics we all want to discuss with our children, but sometimes we are just not sure how to do it.  I have a large selection of "my favorites" in the office with many more that can be purchased upon request.  Topics in office include: bullying, racism, anxiety, cancer, belonging, disabilities, body image, and gratitude.  These are very well written and not long reads.  You can come to the office and skim thru it prior to any purchase!


I have the "MUST HAVES" for new moms available in the office of these these amazing baby products.  The Nose Frida for suctioning of baby's nose is perfect and easy to clean (clear too so you can see what is being suctioned). We also have Paci med dispenser, saline drops, 3 in 1 thermometer (rectal temps important in newborns), and replacement filters for the Nose Frida. 

stasher logo.png

Get rid of the plastic baggies and make room for the silicone STASHER zip lock bags.  These are fantastic and they come in all shapes and sizes.  I have the snack size, sandwich size, and standup mid size in office in rainbow colors! They are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, oven safe, boiling, the list goes on! They can be used for EVERYTHING and I love them!  

marleysmonsters logo.png

Replace those paper napkins, paper towels, and cotton balls with Marley's Monster's reusable napkins and facial rounds! We love these in our house as they are so soft and  easy to clean- MACHINE WASHABLE! So many fun colors to choose from~ bright and fun or black/grey neutral available in office. 

Others not listed on here:
Pantry Products, BagPodz, Silicone Muffin Cups, Fruit/Veggie Cookie  Cutters, Handmade Greeting Cards, Handmade Baby/Toddler Blankets 

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