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Little Village Pediatrics provides your family with convenience, accessibility and the time and attention you deserve.  Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing nationwide movement that is challenging the current health care model and eliminating the systemic barriers between patients and doctors.  For a monthly membership fee, you have direct, unrestricted access to your pediatrician (Dr. Risa Davidson) whenever you need her. 

By placing a healthy limit on the number of patients (members) seen by the practice, Little Village Pediatrics is able to provide more meaningful time with your family and an overall better experience in medical care.  No more delays in appointment scheduling or long lobby waits because of an overbooked doctor.  No more rushed appointments which all too often leave patients dissatisfied.

* No wait times or rushed visits 
* 24/7 Direct access to your doctor
* No hidden fees
Flexible Scheduling   
* No deductibles, copays,or surprise bills
*Clean and uncrowded office
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What is included with the membership?


Wellness Checks and Vaccinations

  • Yearly wellness checks according to the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule

  • Childhood vaccinations (typically covered by insurance)

Screenings and Physicals

  • Developmental and behavioral screenings at key stages 

  • Hearing and vision screening

  • Anemia and lead blood screening at 1 and 2 years of age

  • Cholesterol screening age 11 (or earlier)

  • Sports Physicals

Counseling and Guidance

  • Nutrition and Development

  • Sleep and Behavior

  • Parenting, discipline, and more


Sick and Acute Care Visits 

  • Same day or next day appointments as desired

  • Testing for acute illness- flu, strep, urine, and mono, RSV

  • Breathing treatments for respiratory issues

  • Management of acute sprains and injuries

  • Managment of minor lacerations



  • 24/7 phone, video, text, chat or email directly with Dr. Davidson...NO middle man!

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